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The Little Pine Island Wetland Restoration & Mitigation Bank is a public-private partnership between the State of Florida and Mariner Properties Development, Inc., of Fort Myers. Situated within the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve on the southwest coast of Florida, Little Pine Island represents over 4,700 acres of unique wetland ecosystem.

Beginning in the 1960s, exotic plant species invaded the island, displacing native plant species and wildlife so aggressively that the island's wetland functions were severely reduced.

Meadow Larks are among the many migrating birds that once again call Little Pine Island home.
In 1996, Mariner Properties was permitted under a newly passed Florida law to not only restore Little Pine Island, but also provide "mitigation credits." These credits offer developers a high quality form of wetland replacement for unavoidable wetland impacts. The sale of wetland mitigation credits is used to fund the multimillion dollar cost of restoring Little Pine Island.

The Tri-color Heron is one of the many bird species that have come back since restoration at Little Pine Island. They forage in both freshwater and brackish wetlands, dining on fish, frogs and insects. With the expanded habitat that is now available to them, they have expanded dramatically as the island has been restored.

Today, as the task of restoration progresses under management by Mariner Properties and with oversight by several regulatory agencies and State of Florida Land Managers, the ecosystem is healing and native wildlife is returning.

According to consulting Ecologist Kevin Erwin, the restoration of Little Pine Island is…"…remarkably successful, measured in part by the quick positive response of the native seed bank, buried for decades and shaded by exotics, resulting in the re-establishment of a native wetland groundcover…In areas where work has been completed, freshwater now pools where it had previously been drained…tidal action has also been restored where the sheet flow of brackish water had been interrupted…in addition, over 100 species of wildlife, including a nesting pair of Bald Eagles, have been documented…spring and fall migrations attracted dozens of species which have probably bypassed the island for decades."

Join us now, and learn more about the marvelous restoration that is Little Pine Island.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos on this site were actually taken on
Little Pine Island by William R. Cox.